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March 12 2017

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10 Days of Anime Endings by: Hanakumamii

♫ ♩ ♫ ♭ ♪    Day 05. Ending with Dramatic Theme    ♫ ♩ ♫ ♭ ♪

Zankyou no Terror「 残響のテロル 」Dare ka, Ume wo ↪ Aimer
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finally playing ace attorney ✨

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Hi guys! Hope you are all doing well! Today is March 12, which marks the first year anniversary of my blog!

First of all, I would like to take this chance to say a big THANK YOU to all of you! To all of the people who supported me throughout this year and last’s and to all of the people who had such kind hearts and decided to share a piece of that kindness with me. You guys mean so much to me, and I can never appreciate all that you’ve done for me any more than I already do.

Also big thanks to the graphic makes and artists on here! You guys have really inspired me to make my own edits/art, and even though they are certainly not the best and sometimes ugly, I’ve found something I really love to do. And to the people who reblog the things I make, thank you. You’ve kept me motivated throughout the year. Without you, I’m not sure if I would continue making gifs and graphics.

Followers, thank you so much for sticking with me. I deeply appreciate your support. The little messages you sometimes send are really cute, too (◍•ᴗ•◍) ❤︎
Dearest mutuals, you guys are so sweet, so so sweet. Thank you so much for all that you do. My experience on here wouldn’t be the same without you guys!
People I follow, you’ve made my dash lively and inspired me to make edits! Thank you so much.

Italics: blogs that are perfect and amazing ♡ Bold: gif/gfx inspirations and/or favorites


@25th @8ay @ackermanss @ackersoul @aeselyn @aflightlesscrow @ah-luna @aishoku @aizawashoutta @akutagawaas @akutagawah @alexbenedetto @allenswalkers @araneahighwind @asakkos @atsushisnakajima @azumanei @bkatsuki @castleoblivions @chidorih @chiihayas @chimchar-trainer @cinness @cldstrifes @daiizume @dazaiosamu @dazaiosamu-s @de-k-u @deaddleaves @dirkgentlyx @divinesabers @doumekism @durararas @ekubou @elliejoys @evngelion @fairytailwitch


@gaainsborough @gianteyesandpointychins @gomendazai @grifith @gunderson @hontouni @ieyasus @infiniterhapsody @j-otus @jaebirds @josay @juminss @juunebugs @kainhighwinds @kamalas @kamiiyamas @kamuiis @kamuisyato @kanekin @kawarou @keikakus @kekkai @kentaroz @kirschtein @kishou @kkookiedough @kojiiro @kougami @kvet @lahviis @laynce @lcebrand @lissasbrand @littlebratciel @lucinasparallelfalchion @miidoriyas @mirayama @mizus @my-kokoro-just-brokoro @nahcoko @natszume @natuuro @nichinoya @nicosrobins @nikiforv @nikiphorov @nintendorable @noctcaelvm @noctsluciscaelum @noearchivistes @noxtics


@ohreigen @okita-senpai @oumakokichis @owarus @peachlazuli @peachyerwin @plisetski @ponchizs @preciousghouls @priincessyona @princess-of-positivity @ranpohedogawa @ri-cha1 @rvkiakuchiki @ryuzakki @sarapyon @saruhiko @sarukui @sdaishou @serviceace @sesukes @sheppardcommander @shgieo @snapmaw @snowboardkids @solonin @soukko @starkillua @supersmashdoll @sweets-nokami @tachibana–chan @the49thname @themadpiano @tiiifa @todorokih @tooru @toushi @tsukishisma @ttachibana @ucitavanje @ukiinas @umis @usagitsukinos @xburningglory @yamacuchi @yamazekis @yaoyorozus @ymi-r @Yunalesca @yushiyuki @zacksoldiers @zakuras @zarenna @zelos-wilders

You guys are the best. Thank you for everything. I love you 



I could die for Emily.

Me too, my friend… me too

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this was drawn in ‘15 but ive been binge reading the manga so

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pls watch this stupid anime

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art by R.

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in blue

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Never assume that quiet is weak and loud is strong.
— (via abd1t0ry)
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someone: how could anyone dislike u??

me: do u want like an alphabetized  list of all my hateable characteristics

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I know we’ve all been there so

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Love these two so much.

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can u believe this /////// ;; gosh

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